Solomon Islands Resource Facility

Solomon Islands Resource Facility

Cardno ID is contributing to economic growth and human development in Solomon Islands by supporting the Australian Government’s aid and development efforts in a way that’s flexible, professional and responsive to emerging needs.

The Solomon Islands Resource Facility (SIRF) aims to support the work of the Australian High Commission (AHC) to meet the objectives of Australia’s aid program in Solomon Islands. Guided by the Aid Investment Plan Solomon Islands 2015-2019, Cardno ID is working to support stability, enable economic growth and enhance human development.

To achieve these aims, Cardno ID is providing a team to manage the SIRF operations and to ensure its effective service delivery by:

  • managing human resources and recruitment and streamlining personnel management processes 
  • providing operational and logistical support to Australian Government deployees and technical advisers working in Solomon Islands Government ministries and agencies, including in the law and justice, and governance sectors 
  • managing residential accommodation, maintenance services and security 
  • maintaining a management information system for advisers
  • monitoring and evaluating the Facility and adviser performance and outcomes 
  • contributing to and monitoring improvements in the Workforce Gender Equality Strategy

During the 2016-2017 financial year, SIRF managed $22,999,776 of expenditure in support of the AHC and its programs. Increased activities in the Justice and Governance programs, including a stronger focus on complex procurement, and significant recruitment and human resources support, as well as a range of activities for the AHC through the Deployee Support Services function, drove this expenditure.

With Cardno ID’s support, SIRF has already seen progress made in workforce gender equality initiatives, attracting talent with either specialised technical skills or senior experience to key roles by offering a flexibility policy in its mobilisation practices. These outcomes will continue to help inform the implementation of a flexible policy approach in the future.

A contract extension to 2019, will see the Cardno ID team working on restructuring, contracting, and extending key personnel and work planning to ensure the SIRF is well positioned to meet the ongoing needs of the Australian Government in Solomon Islands.

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project details

Client Australian Government

Location(s)Solomon Islands

Schedule 2015 - 2020

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